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N.T.M. S.P.A. is a leading Italian manufacturer of fittings for air conditioning, heating and sanitary equipment. Its product range includes brass fittings, collecting lines, ball valves, networked PE tubes and multi-layer composite tubes. N.T.M. S.P.A. is among the most competitive Italian manufacturers in this sector and markets its products in Italy and in more than 50 foreign countries.

N.T.M. S.P.A. launched its operations in 1994 in Flero, in the Northern Italian province of Brescia, with its first 3,000 square meter production plant. It relocated to Brandico (also in the province of Brescia) at the end of 2004, where it now operates a 10,000 square meter facility.

The name N.T.M. S.P.A. derives from the name of its founder, Mario Tripoli, who, along with the management team at N.T.M. S.P.A., has 30 years of experience in the design and manufacture of brass fittings. He started at RB RACCORDERIE BRESCIANE S.R.L. in Roncadelle in 1978 and was later a founding partner of TIEMME RACCORDERIE S.R.L. in Castegnato. N.T.M. S.P.A. profits from his extensive know-how, carrying on the best tradition in the industry and guaranteeing its customers maximum quality and next-generation product ideas coupled with state-of-the-art technologies.

N.T.M. S.P.A.’s entire production is monitored by quality assurance processes in conformity with ISO 9001:2008 and its products are approved by numerous certificates. But that’s not all. N.T.M. S.P.A. makes sure the brass alloys used as the base material satisfy the stringent requirements of European standards UNI-EN12165CW617N and UNI-EN12165CW614N and that they comply with provisions for protection against radioactive materials. It certifies that the material comes exclusively from licensed Italian factories.
Original N.T.M. S.P.A. products are the only ones labelled MADE IN ITALY on the body, adjusting nut, or conical nipple to distinguish original products from imitations.

Today, N.T.M. S.P.A. is a constantly growing company with a production capacity of 200,000 fittings a day and a solid organisation to satisfy every customer’s needs.

N.T.M. S.P.A. invites all of its customers to visit its facilities for a first-hand look at our 100% Italian company.

  Design and Manufacture
NTM fittings and ball valves are manufactured within an EN ISO 9001: 2008 Accredited Quality System with the most modern hi-tech production systems as regards hot forging as well as mechanical machining and process automation.

They are the result of a production cycle carried out entirely in NTM, starting from design right through to manufacturing.

Sizing takes place with the aid of advanced computerised instruments: from the 3D design to structural verification with FEA (Finite Elements Analysis) methods.

The manufacture (hot forging, the raw casts deburring and mechanical machining) is entirely carried out in NTM and using equipment (dies-vices-tools) which has also been designed and made in-house by a CAD-CAM process.

NTM ball valves have no preferential fitting direction, so they can be orientated in any direction.

They also have a command stem fitted inside so they cannot be ejected by the valve (blow-out proof construction). This choice furthermore prevents any external tampering.
  N.T.M. s.p.a. Via John Maynard Keynes, 15/17 - 25030 Brandico (Bs) - Italy
Tel 0039 030 978971 r.a. - Fax 0039 030 9972157 e-mail: