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Privacy Statement

Pursuant to the provisions relating to the protection of personal data, we wish to inform you that any personal and company data you provide is processed by N.T.M. spa ®

1) Which data do we process?
The data needed for identification (name, surname, company name, registered offices, address, VAT No., etc.) as well as any data required to establish and manage our mutual business relationship.

2) How do we collect data and why do we process it?
Data is collected from customers by phone, fax or through our website; it is then stored in our offices. Data is collected and recorded partly on paper and partly on IT systems for the explicit and legitimate purposes that are specified below:
• Functional purposes for the fulfilment of legal obligations provided for by laws, decrees, regulations and/or any other similar deeds as well as EU directives (e.g.: legal and financial organisation of personnel, recruitment, selection, training of personnel, fulfilment of tax and accounts obligations).
• Functional purposes for the management of relations with customers, suppliers, banks, etc. (e.g.: following-up relations with customers and collaborators, meeting needs for technical information and assistance).
• The user's IP address can be traced through access to our Website.

3) What data is mandatory and what happens when it is not provided?
Providing personal data needed for purpose No. 1 (obligations arising from Italian and EU legal provisions) is mandatory and denial to provide it will make it impossible to establish relations with N.T.M. spa ®. Providing personal data needed for purpose No. 2 (normal management of operations) is not mandatory but denial to provide it may hinder some agreed services or may make it impossible to stipulate new contractual relations.

4) To what third parties may data be communicated and what is the scope of disclosure?
Some of the processed data may be subject to an obligation of disclosure (e.g. to banks, accountants, external consultants, public authorities) as part of the administrative, accounting and fiscal activities. A list of recipients is available upon request from our offices. The scope of disclosure is the Italian territory. N.T.M. spa ® shall not communicate nor disclose any of your data for commercial purposes; it shall not sell, share or transfer its databases. However, it shall respond to injunctions and orders issued by Legal Authorities, collaborate in legal cases and fulfil provisions issued by Monitoring and Control Authorities and Bodies.

5) What are your rights and how can you exercise them?
You can exercise your rights by contacting in any form (email, fax, letter) any of our branches as indicated in our Website. With respect to the processing of your personal data, you have the right to:
• know at any time which of your personal data is in our possession and how it is used
• have such data updated, integrated, rectified or cancelled
• request suspension or oppose the processing of your data by sending a specific request by fax, email or letter to N.T.M. spa ® , Via John Maynard Keynes, 15/17 - 25030 Brandico (Bs) - Italy - Tel 0039 030 978971 r.a. - Fax 0039 030 9972157 e-mail: ntmspa@ntmspa.com You may also transfer these rights to any person or association by means of a written power of attorney or proxy.

6) Who actually processes your data, who owns it?
Each professional operating as part of our work group is responsible for processing the data of the customers placed under his/her care. However, requests must be sent to the BRANDICO (Brescia) offices of N.T.M. spa ®.

N.T.M. spa ®
  N.T.M. s.p.a. Via John Maynard Keynes, 15/17 - 25030 Brandico (Bs) - Italy
Tel 0039 030 978971 r.a. - Fax 0039 030 9972157 e-mail: